Wide-scale rock blasting at a railway tunnel renovation site

The Finnish Transport Agency had the Neulamäki railway tunnel renovated in 2010. In order for the railway traffic on the railway section to be stopped for the shortest possible period, the rock blasting concerning the project had to be carried out with care and as quickly as possible.

Project started: May 2010
Project ended: midsummer 2010
Scope of project: single blasting of 5000 solid cubic metres

During the renovation of Neulamäki railway tunnel, we blasted approx. 5000 solid cubic metres of rock as a single blast. At the same time, we ensured that railway traffic at the renovation site was not idle for more than 48 hours.
Approximately one month was spent preparing for the blast and the actual moment. After the blast, the work at the site were completed at the accuracy of a second timer, in order to ensure undisturbed traffic.

Building works types: open pit mining, reinforcement work, shotcrete work