Equipment list

Correctly selected, functional and well maintained equipment ensures the successful and cost-effective implementation of a project.

On this page, you can find a list of all the devices and machinery that we use, which are included in out wide range of diverse equipment.

Drill machinery and equipment

Sandvik DT 1130i
Tamrock Axera T11
Tamrock Axera T10
1. Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer LC2
2. Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer LC2
Tamrock Para 316 T
Atlas Copco Simba H1257
Sandvik DC 302R
Tamrock Commando 300
Alimak STH-5LL – shaft drilling equipment

Work platforms and emulsion loading devices

Normet Charmec 9825 BE, emulsion loading device
Normet PK 5000 lifting platform
Normet PK 3000 lifting platform
Normet PK 1000 lifting platform
2 x Normet PK 4000 boom lift
Normet PK 3000 boom lift
Normet Utilift boom lift
Normet Himec 9910 B REX
Normet Variomec 905B
Dieci Icarus 40-17 & Pegasus 60-16
Normet Himec 905
Bobcat T40170

Shotcrete equipment

Normet Spraymec 9150 WPC
Normet Spraymec 9140 WPC
Normet Spraymec 8100 VC
Normet Spraymec 605 WPC
3 x Meyco GM & Meyco Piccola
Concrete station
Normet Multimec 600
Normet Multimec 6600

Injection equipment

4 x Injection vehicles
Atlac Copco Cemix
Atlas Copco Pumpac
3 x Atlas Copco Logac


4 x EOL Vent
6 x Söderberg
4 x Zen-schenic fan


4 x Pumpex PC 3001
4 x Pumpex PC 2001
Pumpex P 601 W
10 x Submersible pump BS 2021
10 x Submersible pump BS 2125
7 x Centrifugal pump HM Metso
Grundfors S1054H6
Grundfors S1054H5

Distribution boards and transformers

2 x Switch board 2000A
8 x Switch board 630A
2 x Switch board 400A
4 x Switch board 250A
8 x Switch board 125A
6 x Transformer 400v/690V
15 x Vyk 700V
5 x Vyk 400V


Atlas Copco XAS-430
Atlas Copco XAS-350
Atlas Copco XAS-186
Atlas Copco XAS-175

Social premises and containers, trucks and service vehicles

6 x Spatial element, office
10 x Spatial element, social premises
5 x Maintenance container
15 x Storage container
3 x Explosives storage
30 x Service vehicles
2 x Concrete vehicles
6 x Trucks