Rock solid expertise since 1987

We have 30 years of experience in quarrying and reinforcement work, as well as concrete construction projects. We carry out construction projects from planning to implementation and to completed rock premises.

The most important success meters of our family business:

  1. high customer satisfaction
  2. first-class construction quality
  3. staff well-being

With the help of our solid experience, our staff’s strong commitment, developing methods and modern equipment, we will get our customer’s through anything – in the future too.

Values that guide our operations

Occupational safety and modern equipment

Rock engineering takes place in a challenging work environment, which sets particularly high requirements for occupational safety. For us, every employee is an active and responsible developer of occupational safety. We invest in continuous training, proactive servicing of equipment and careful handling.

Agreement conformity and economic efficiency

Due to our strong expertise, our services meet customers’ needs. Any deviations are corrected immediately, or the procedure shall be agreed with the customer.

We actively provide our customers with implementation options, which are cost-effective. We develop our own, even more cost-effective methods. We carry out continuous cost and consumption monitoring for the benefit of both parties.


Continuous development

We put effort in to daily, continuous development together with our entire staff. We actively communicate in a proactive manner with both the customer, various stakeholders and our staff. Continuous development is a competition factor, which we hold on to.