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Expertise and demanding entities

We quarry and construct below ground – in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Read more about our projects.


Construction special forces

Rock solid expertise and decades of experience in wide-scale quarrying work and rock engineering.


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We are proud of our long experience and work results, therefore it is important for us that we do what have promised.

We are the special forces of tunnel blasting and open pit mining. Our areas of expertise include demanding quarrying work, reinforcement work and concrete construction. Our Kalliorakennus team combines rock solid expertise and decades of experience – we go through solid rock.

Our services

Tunnel blasting

We carry out tunnel blasting in a professional manner using suitable methods, and by utilising our wide range of machinery and special equipment.

Open pit mining

We implement large open pit mining projects with decades of experience in even more demanding sites in a cost-effective and safe manner.

Underground construction

Our strong experience, expertise and personal work method development open out entirely new opportunities for our customers to utilise underground premises.

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Rock solid professionals in special construction work for us. If you would like to work among industry experts, please read more!